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Progress photos of client who completed a Recomp program in 20 weeks. Client gained muscle and strength whilst dropping body fat.
Client completed a body recomp program in 25 weeks. Gaining muscle, strength and dropping body fat.

Get rid of your 'Love Handles' in 2024!

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Our Clients Say
To make fitness a part of your lifestyle!
Strong habits that become rituals, better biomechanics for sustainable training and injury prevention, nutritional knowledge and skills to sustain longevity and healthy food relationship and mindset practices to help you form the energy and behaviors that will shape your life for better and
give you the full control.
Bulgarian split squat - Quad Focused

Bulgarian split squat - Quad Focused

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Achieving your physical health should not come at the cost of compromising your joints, metabolism and mental health. My mission is to help you create a strong foundation with training and nutrition. Build intensity when the time is right.

Body Recomp's Mission

10+ years of industry knowledge and experience.

My online system is now in place to reach more people with the same business mission to help individuals reach their true physical and mental capabilities. 

 BODY RECOMP Transformations

Beach body transformation.
Bikini body transformation. Woman with muscle.
12-week Recomp Program result.
25-Week natural recomp results.
Men's Physique body transformation in 20-weeks.
Lean muscle and fat loss body transformation
Being lighter but looking bigger with more muscle definition.
Progress shot of a female bodybuilder.
Losing the beer belly.
Figure competitor transformation photo doing a side tricep pose.
12-week Recomp Program result.
Taking progress photos from the start of body recomp journey all the way to bikini competition day at ICN Australia.
Back shot of men's physique client who completed a recomp program and built muscle and dropped body fat.
Client transformed her body eating a vega diet and strength training.
Beach body transformation!
12-Week Recomp Program.
12-week Recomp Program result.
12-week Recomp Program result.
12-Week bikini body transformation!
Strength training and high protein diet helped client build muscle and drop body fat.

Bodybuilding Clients' Achievements

ICN bikini competitor won the overall show in her first year.


"Your exceptional knowledge has conditioned my body to the point where I'm able to eat 3 full meals and snacks without getting bloated like before"

ICN Figure bodybuilding competitor and busy mother just won an overall show.


"My coach Sohrab, a truly outstanding coach and a great friend, has guided me through every step of the way and his true skill has brought me to this point"

ICN fitness competitor and a busy mother.


"I couldn't have asked for a better experience competing for the first time. Big thanks to Sohrab for his knowledge and compassionate coaching style, no crazy diets here maybe just some crazy training"


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