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My fitness journey, lifestyle and who am I as a person

In 2015, I switched my career path. I moved away from my original field of studying criminal justice and became a Personal Trainer. I was really passionate about fitness and helping people get stronger, both physically and mentally, by using weights.

As I started my personal training business, I noticed that many people were interested in bodybuilding competitions rather than just getting fit. This was exciting and challenging for me as I had to not only help someone transform their body but also achieve an athlete mindset. 

Over the years, while working with a diverse group of clients, I realized that I needed a better system for my business. I wanted to focus on science-based training, teaching people how their bodies move (biomechanics), making sure they ate nutritious foods for better performance and recovery, and helping them with their mental well-being. I wanted my clients to get lasting results.

This idea led me to create "Body Recomp." It's an approach that works no matter what your fitness goal is. And if we measure and track progress correctly, the results can be amazing.

Personally, I'm 33 years old and enjoying life in Wollongong, Australia. I was born in Afghanistan but moved to Australia in 2005, and now I consider this beautiful land home. Before entering the fitness industry, I studied social science (criminal justice) at Charles Sturt University and worked as a Support Worker with troubled youth for 8 years. My fitness journey has been heavily influenced by competitive bodybuilding and weightlifting. Throughout my fitness career, I've also become interested in helping my clients improve their mental well-being because I've seen how having a positive mindset can make a big difference during life's challenges.

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