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Expert Coaching on Body Mechanics

Most injuries occur due to instability present around Shoulder and Hip joints.
  • Structural imbalance/s tests and remedies.
  • Proper warm up for longevity of joint health.
  • Mobility work. 
Sports equipment


Not to self-diagnose a concerning problem but to improve the rate of your recovery.

  • How to properly use the foam roller.

  • how to apply pressure to rotator cuff muscles.

  • Recovery tools. 

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Training Execution

Training is the main energy expenditure, and how you approach each rep and set will determine the overall result. 

  • Get comfortable with the core compound exercises that produce far greater result.

  • Video demonstration of exercises and how to set up. 

  • Purpose of a movement and how to create room for intensity.

  • Training periodization, and how you can incorporate this into your programming.



Learn the set skills needed to master your nutritional needs.

  • Specific foods with high nutritional value.

  • Macro counting guide. 

  • Preparation skills.

  • Understanding energy balance for your goal.

  • Important supplements.

  • Managing Hunger.

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